A White Background for Photos Simply Makes Things Pop!


Placing your products on a white background for your eCommerce store is known to increase sales. Why is this age-old trick so incredibly powerful? It makes your logo, photos and basic information stand out more prominently.

You want the customer to remember who you are, because of course you want their return business. You want them to know who you are and what you sell, and to be able to find you again.

Make your product stand out!

A white background for photos makes images “pop.” A white background keeps the edges of the picture from blurring. This is particularly useful if you happen to be a less-than-professional photographer, with a less-than-professional camera, who is trying to keep costs low until you get things going.

pillowIt’s free from distraction

You want to provide your customer with a clear picture of what you are offering. One major drawback of shopping on the internet is that the customer cannot pick up the product and examine it. A white background allows the customer to see the details of the product better.

It keeps the customer focused on what matters most

You want the customer to notice the product, not the background. Colours impact the customer’s emotions both positively and negatively. The wrong colour can convey the wrong message. Red gets people’s attention, blue invokes trust, purple is elegant, pink speaks of frilly sweetness, green is the color of nature and money, and black is bold and dramatic.

White goes with most website designs

When you choose to redesign your site, there is no need to retake your product photos. White is light, neutral and airy, and it does not clash with any other colour. Unpleasant colour combinations can turn customers off.

Human eyes are drawn to white space more then any other color

Displaying your image on white space brings maximum attention to your product. It inspires trust. It is clean and pure.

Having a white background for photos will increase your sales. It is inoffensive, does not detract from your product and compliments other colours.

What colour backgrounds are your products currently sitting on? If you want to create a white background for photos but don’t know how to, let us know and we will edit an image for you for free. You can also send me an email at holly@pixc.com!

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