Designing a Memorable Brand Identity: Here’s What Your Color Scheme Says About You

February 6, 2015 - Holly Cardew

Whether we realise it or not, color schemes affect us psychologically to trigger certain feelings, thoughts and emotions.

This means the color you choose as your brand’s color will influence how people perceive your brand. A carefully chosen color scheme will ultimately help you create and build a brand identity around your eCommerce store.


Choosing your color scheme

This may seem a little crazy, but you should choose your brand color down to the exact hex swatch. A hex swatch is a code version of your color that is presented as unique six-digit number and letter code that corresponds to an exact color. Solid black starts off as #000000 and pure white is #ffffff. Then there’s everything else in between. Move your cursor around Hailpixel and see how the code changes with the color.

Brand Identity - Color scheme

So how do you know which color or color scheme is right for your brand identity? It’s a big decision so I thought I’d help you narrow down your choices by telling you a bit about what each of the primary and secondary colors are often associated with.


Yellow represents happiness, optimism, joy and intellect. Yellow Tail, a wine company, uses yellow not only to match the name of the brand, but also to match their brand philosophy about ‘the pleasure you get from the great taste of the wine’ and how enjoying wine with your friends, family, neighbours and ‘with your goldfish Goldie’ is the most important thing. Australian home entertainment retailer JB Hi-Fi uses yellow to create excitement around low prices.


Blue stands for professionalism, truth, loyalty and tranquility. I think more so than with any other color, the things that are associated with blue will greatly depend on the type of blue. Norsu Interiors and Kora Organics use ‘cool’ blues, and both have a clean, gentle and relaxing vibe. Yotpo (an eCommerce reviews solution) and Paypal (an online payment gateway) use ‘warm’ blues to convey professionalism and loyalty.



Red is an intense color associated with passion, danger, desire and power. InStyle magazine and RedBalloon are two eCommerce stores that use red as their brand color.


Green is the color of freshness, harmony, growth and nature. Invoking eco-friendly and environmental thoughts, green is an excellent choice to build brand identity for any company in the organic/eco/green industry. Wrightwood Furniture Co. sells eco-friendly, handmade furniture while Sukin and Nature’s Organics sell organic skincare products. Green is also sometimes associated with money and makes a great choice for finance-related businesses and services.


Purple represents magic, luxury, imagination and compassion. No other color symbolizes riches and royalty the way purple does. Some eCommerce stores that use purple are Henris, a prom dress retailer, and Edible Blooms, a chocolate bouquet company.

edible blooms


Bright and bold, orange is becoming a must-have color for many website color schemes — and for good reason. Orange can be used to create an inviting brand identity that is warm, determined, enthusiastic and creative. It is also the color of modern thinking, making it an excellent choice for innovative products or modern design.

For example, Bottle Cutting Inc is a small, innovative company that has brought three of its products to life through Kickstarter campaigns. Etsy, an eCommerce platform known for its selection of creative, handmade and/or vintage items from unique sellers, uses a dark orange as their brand color.


Brown is an earth tone that symbolises home and stability. It is genuine and down to earth, and a fantastic color for brands that are either outdoorsy or natural. Healthy Gourmet Gifts is one example. Brown works well for furniture stores and home products like Shack furniture as well as for male fashion brands like Rodd & Gunn.


Pink represents flirtatiousness, friendship, femininity and love. Pink is often used when the target customers are women — it can be risky using pink for gender-neutral products because it may cause avoidance by men. Lorna Jane, Victoria’s Secret and Peter Alexander are all fashion retailers that use pink, and all three primarily target women.

peter alexander

Black and white

Black and white, despite being shades, also have color personalities. Black is the color of death, elegance, morbidity and sophistication. White on the other hand represents purity, simplicity, perfection and cleanliness.

When it comes to brand identity and color schemes, black and white can also be neutral; many eCommerce stores use black and white for their logos because they don’t clash with other colors. You’ll find these brands are likely to use both black and white versions of the same logo depending on the color of the background because they’re easily inverted.

Online fashion stores are likely to use black/white because the shades are simple and versatile and will look great when paired with any campaign. Topshop, The Iconic, Boohoo, The Out Lane, Modern Citizen and MAJLS all use black/white for their logos.

Brand Identity - Color psychology

Using different colors together

You can also use multiple colors, but in this case each color used won’t be as powerful in conveying a certain vibe as when used alone. The most important thing to think about when using multiple colors is not so much color psychology but how aesthetically appealing the set of colours is. Classifieds and community website Gumtree, women’s fashion retailer Sportsgirl and auction and shopping website eBay all use a range of colors.

Stick to a pallet of no more than three or four colors, as the more colors you add, the more likely it will be for there to be a colour clash.

Take advantage of the many free online color scheme programs that will use the colors of your choice and show you which ones go together best. You’ll be able to create an appealing and effective colour scheme for your eCommerce business. Try Paletton and Adobe Color CC.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the rainbow and select the colors that will help build the brand of your eCommerce website best!

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