Top 20 eCommerce Themes to Increase Online Sales

February 15, 2018 - Rachel JacobsTop eCommerce Themes

I’m sure most of us have thought about launching an online store at one stage or another. Because 79% of Americans shop online, eCommerce is a great way to make a living. First things first, once you’ve figured out what you want to sell, you need to create a website. Well, say hello to eCommerce themes!

Sure you can always outsource it to a fancy digital agency, but who has that kind of spare cash lying around when they’re starting out. These little gems will save you so much time and energy and have your online store looking professional in seconds.

Finding the perfect eCommerce theme can be a very daunting process. You know the old expression, too many choices and such little time. Well, that’s very true when it comes to finding a selection of eCommerce themes suitable for your online store. Finding a ready-made website template online isn’t an issue. All you have to do is search online, and you’ll be swimming in options within seconds.

But, that’s the problem. Now you have the difficult task of wading through thousands of almost identical options. While still trying to figure out what features your online store needs and what themes are compatible with your particular platform or marketplace. How do you know which templates are useful, and which ones just aren’t worth the hassle?

Let’s say you find a template that looks nice, comes with great images and the general structure seems pretty comprehensive. But, when you take a look under the hood, you’re totally disappointed with the out-dated admin panel, limited options, and complicated settings.

Now you’re stuck with an eCommerce theme that you can’t use, and have the painful tasks of trying to persuade their customer support team to agree to a refund. That’s if they even have customer support! Trust me; we’ve been there. So, what if you had a full proof way to decide which themes are worth you’re time? Well, now you do.

What you want to do is search a platform that has a selection of eCommerce themes, with a well-established reputation, ideally live customer support, and clear refund policy. When you’ve found a handful of eCommerce themes that you like the look of, check out the comments and testimonials from people who’ve purchased or used the themes. Honest reviews and ratings will give you a better insight into how suitable the theme will be for you.

Here’s a quick look at TemplateMonster’s top 20 eCommerce themes.

1. Bormeria Theme (PrestaShop)

A fully responsive, SEO-friendly and cross-browser compatible theme, Bormeria is an excellent option for PrestaShop stores. A combination of stunning design and strong back-end power, Bormeria is trendy for online stores selling: lingerie, swimwear, underwear, and sleepwear. Plus, the theme includes social media services, helping promote your online shop across all major social media platforms.

Bormeria PrestaShop Ecommerce Theme
Details |  Demo

2. Bakerix Theme (Shopify)

This tasty theme manages to radiate that sweet fresh pastry aroma through the screen. Okay, not literally. I was exaggerating just a little. However, Bakerix does offer a wide range of technical features designed to support a fully functional online bakery store. A nice addition is that the theme supports multi-currency transactions.

MegaMenu helps to create and structure convenient website navigation, offering online shoppers a full assortment of products. Using Product QuickView, users can check out full product details in a bright lightbox without having to leave the page. Users can also navigate between products using next and previous product buttons. 

Bakery Responsive Shopify Ecommerce Theme
Details |  Demo

3. Ketondo Stationery Theme (Magento)

Ketondo offers tons of possibilities for your online stores focused on selling office accessories, business supplies, office furniture, office supplies and stationery stores. The stylish theme comes with lots of useful tools and modules, ideal for supporting a robust eCommerce website. Features such as MegaMenu, the edge-to-edge slider for promotions, and social sharing options helping you to get more followers on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+.

Ketondo Stationery Magento eCommerce Theme
Details |  Demo

4. BooksID Theme (Magento)

If you’re planning to launch an online bookstore using Magento and become the next Jeff Bezos, then BooksID is the theme for you. Thanks to user-friendly drop-down menus, online shoppers can quickly and easily navigate the website.  Logical categorization organizes all your products, making it much easier for shoppers to find exactly what they’re looking for. 

BooksID - Book Store Magento eCommerce Theme
Details |  Demo

5. Glassco Theme (PrestaShop)

Ideal for anyone looking to launch an optics or eye care store online. The variety of customization features makes it possible to adjust and personalize the theme according to your desired requirements. A few favorite’s features for Glassco theme users are Lookbook module, which beautifully displays real-life product usage,  Products Slider for showing products in a slideshow, and Mega Layout for optimal content organization.

Glasscos PrestaShop eCommerce Theme
Details |  Demo

6. Furnistore Theme (WooCommerce)

A Cherry Framework furniture store theme that packs a real punch for those looking to take their online furniture store to the next level. With 100% responsiveness on all devices, this theme is also fully compatible between browsers. Containing a comprehensive suite of functional modules, you can look forward to listing your products with supporting illustrations and descriptions. Additionally, lifetime usage of high-resolution stock photos and images are included free as part of the theme.

Furnistore - Furniture Store WooCommerce Theme
Details |  Demo

7. Pharmaso Theme (Shopify)

Pharmaso is the perfect theme for anyone launching a drugstore online. Although, you should be aware of the fact that this theme is quite technical to meet even the most advanced requirements. But, fear not, as this theme does come with a step-by-step guide, documenting the setup process suited for those with limited website setup experience. This theme makes it easy for online customers to list, view and order everything they need. Additionally, Pharmaso comes with a multi-currency option,  supporting transactions from across the globe.

Pharmaso - Drug Store Shopify eCommerce Theme
Details |  Demo

8. Nutrition Store Theme (Shopify)

Sports nutrition and fitness supplements have continued to dominate the eCommerce industry over recent years and show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. So, if that’s your field of interest, then Nutrition Store’s fully responsive theme might be the perfect solution for anyone launching on Shopify. Complete with 15 separate sections, this theme allows for endless customization options, meaning you can get things exactly the way you want them.

Pyhotera PrestaShop eCommerce Theme
Details |  Demo


9. Pyhotera Theme (PrestaShop)

Launching an online fashion store on PrestaShop? Well, this elegant, intuitive theme is an ideal solution. Pyhotera has the perfect combination of usability, user experience, and stunning design. With lots of cool features, this fully responsive SEO-friendly theme will work across every mobile and desktop. Add a slideshow to your homepage, showing off the latest trends, sales or hottest products. You’ll also be able to utilize some of TemplateMonsters favorite features such as Category Products, Mega Menu, and Product Quickviewer, designed to give your customers the best shopping experience. 

Pyhotera PrestaShop eCommerce Theme
Details |  Demo

10. Coffeera Theme (Shopify)

Coffeera is designed to support all the budding coffee entrepreneurs out there. For those who didn’t get a chance to check out some of the hottest trends of 2017, coffee was one of them. Thanks to the fact that this theme is totally flexible and fully responsive, launching your online coffee business will be a walk in the park. In addition to a standard range of features and modern, clean design, Coffeera includes various payment options and sorting options to make the customer’s journey more enjoyable.

Coffee Shop Responsive Shopify eCommerce Theme
Details |  Demo

11. Beardoff Theme (WooCommerce)

Another massive trend over the last few years is men’s grooming. And it’s no longer something just for hipsters. All the hottest guys are sporting a bit of well-groomed facial hair.  Say hello to Beardoff, the fully responsive WooCommers theme for men’s shaving products. This theme perfectly embodies a strong, masculine, yet modern vibe. This theme helps attracts more customers using a slick website slider and variety of customizable banners. The theme also includes a wishlist, a  comparison feature, multiple sorting options, live search, a drop-down cart, and more.

Beardoff - Men's Shaving Products Responsive WooCommerce Theme
Details |  Demo

12. Impresta Theme (PrestaShop)

Explicitly created with children in mind, this unique, bright and impressive theme is ideal for selling kids goods and products. This PrestaShop theme comes fully equipped with Mega Layout, Products Slider, Infinite Scroll, One-Click Order and lots of other exclusive features. Live search will save online shoppers loads of time trying to find something perfect time for their pride and joy. Impresta loads up fast comes with lots of flexible settings for customization and is fully responsive.

Impresta - Kids Store PrestaShop eCommerce Theme
Details |  Demo

13. SmileHerbic Theme (PrestaShop)

Thinking about opening an online herbal shop? Then you should check out this a specially created PrestaShop theme. The theme is installed within a few-clicks, highly functional, and customizable. The theme also comes with a variety of customizable features, such as custom blocks, icons, banners, links, buttons, Mega Menu,  Collections, Product Video and many more.

SmileHerbic PrestaShop eCommerce Theme
Details |  Demo

14. GigaGlass Theme (PrestaShop)

Gigaglass is ideal for selling eyeglasses and fashion accessories on PrestaShop. At first glance, beautifully presented products and stunning design will immediately grab the attention of anyone browsing your online store. Thanks to intuitively design page layout, shoppers can find exactly what they’re looking for within few quick clicks.

GigaGlass PrestaShop Theme
Details |  Demo

15. Amaryllis Theme (WooCommerce)

To all the budding florist, Amaryllis is a breath of fresh air…with a floral hint.  A fully responsive flower shop WooCommerce theme offers stylish design, leaving room for your photos to do all the talking. Thanks to valid semantic code your website will benefit from optimized SEO and fast page load speeds. Fantastic parallax scrolling effect brings your flowers to life, helping your showcase some of your most fabulous flower arrangements. Manage website page elements quickly thanks to drag and drop technology.

Amaryllis - Flower Shop WooCommerce Theme

Details |  Demo

16. Orize Theme (WooCommerce)

Created for accessories, jewelry, fashion and beauty, this theme includes everything you could ever wish for when selling your products online. Highly popular for WooCommerce online sellers, the reviews and testimonials speak for themselves.

Orize - Accessories WooCommerce Theme
Details |  Demo

17. Recuidi Theme (Magento)

Dedicated to all the health foodies out there, Recuidi is comparable to a well-spiced meal. With layers of functionality, this theme will leave your virtual taste buds completely satisfied. And thanks to the highly popular live search functionality, online shoppers can get their hands on the latest health food must-haves at the click of a button. 

Recuidi - Healthy Food Store Magento eCommerce Theme
Details |  Demo

18. Binec Theme (WooCommerce)

Binec can be easily explained using the three C’s: clean, concise and creative. This unique, highly customizable theme is perfect for bloggers looking to take their website to the next level. A genuinely multi-purpose theme, it comes with five homepage designs, four premade headers, unlimited colors, right-to-left support, product image swatches, easy admin panel, Instagram shop and lots of exciting built-in features.

Binec - Unique WooCommerce Theme
Details |  Demo

19. Building Market Theme (Shopify)

Did you know that people prefer to search online when remodeling their home? It’s true; people don’t want to spend hours traipsing around stores like Ikea, hoping to stumble upon their dream sofa. Nope, instead, they go online and check out what’s available. Then head to their local branch, product numbers in hand, and see if their expectation matches up to reality. And, if this is your target audience, then Building Market theme on Shopify might be precisely what you need to boost online sales. This responsive is jam-packed with all the right features to give your online shoppers an unforgettable shopping experience, for all the right reasons.

Building Materials Responsive Shopify eCommerce Theme
Details |  Demo

20. Teethoc Theme (Magento)

It’s imperative that every self-respected dental clinic represents themselves very well online. Teethoc is designed for selling dental instruments and other medical supplies online. Offering light, modern and clean design helps professionally display all your items. The main homepage slider puts the essential content front and center, helping focus the visitor’s attention on whatever product or service you want to highlight.

Teethoc - Dental Instruments Magento eCommerce Theme
Details |  Demo


Serving over 1.5 million customers worldwide and more than ten years experience, I think it’s safe to say that Templatemonster knows a thing or two about themes. Packed with lots of ready-made templates specially designed to suit the needs of eCommerce websites, and free lifetime live customer service, it’s got something for everyone.


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