Three Stores with Beautiful Product Photos


Beautiful product photos are the most important feature in your online store. In fact, they’re often the first things a customer looks at when shopping online because the customer can’t pick up and touch the product. So, it’s important that you replicate this feeling as much as possible in images.

Remember to provide high-resolution images so when the customer zooms they can see the texture, edges and stitches as if they were holding the product.

Need some inspiration? Check out these three websites. They’re three examples of great online stores with beautiful product photos.

Ada Blackjack

One of the first things you notice about Ada Blackjack’s website is the clean and modern design. Keeping up with the sleek visual theme, Ada Blackjack includes multiple photos for each product, allowing you to see each product from multiple angles. The website also includes super-close views of each product so you can even see the stitching! This is a fantastic example of spot-on product photos.

The Line

The Line offers an elegant website with crisp, product-focused photos. Many of the high-quality photo collections show super-close views of the products, allowing you to see each product in the finest detail.

The Line Homepage

Moda Operandi

Moda Operandi offers many pieces of exquisite fashion, and its beautiful product photos make it difficult to resist adding products to your bag! One thing the site does especially well is including photos of both the product itself as well as the product with a model. This way customers can focus on the products first and then see how the products will look on them.

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