Roundup #11: Customer Service


Keeping your customers happy and resolving their problems quickly are some of the biggest things you can do to increase your business and improve sales. That’s why this week in our eCommerce news roundup, we are showcasing articles that

  • provide actionable tips for improving your customer support and
  • explain the benefits you will gain from doing so.

1. 22 Customer Support Statistics You Absolutely Need to Know

In case you weren’t already convinced of the impact good customer support can have on your business, this article from Groove will certainly change your mind.

Did you know that every happy customer is likely to tell nine of their friends about a positive experience with a company? But, if that same customer has a negative experience, they will tell sixteen of their peers? Furthermore, if one customer complains about your business, it typically means there are 26 who don’t say anything. These users are your lost conversions, so it’s time to understand their problems.

2. 16 Top-Rated Customer Service Apps for Shopify Stores

Shopify has a fantastic app store for merchants, and, recently, there have been some great additions to it focusing on customer service.

In this post, the Shopify team have outlined some of their favourite eCommerce customer service apps that help with FAQs, live chat, form creation, and returns and exchanges.

3. The Value of Customer Experience, Quantified

Very few people would argue that good customer service is not a benefit to their business. But it is difficult for a business to measure how much of a net benefit these positive experiences can have in terms of real sales. Without having a measured understanding of its impact, how can you decide what resources you should commit to customer service?

In this article from the Harvard Business Review, Peter Kriss sets out to solve that problem by quantifying the real impact that positive customer service can have on a business. His company found that customers with the best experiences spent 140% more than those with the poorest and discovered some very useful insights into customer service strategies along the way.

4. How Your Support Team Improves Your Product

“An isolated support team evolve into apologists”. In this article, Intercom argues that every problem has a root cause and that whoever is in charge of handling your customer support should also be working closely with the person or team who can resolve those root causes.

If they don’t have a way to fix issues that arise, your customer support team will evolve into apologists instead of problem-solvers. Rather than relegating your team to harm minimization, you should be using customer support as a tool to find business problems, own them, and improve them.

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