Should You Outsource Photo Editing or Do It Yourself?

March 11, 2016 - Paula

Wondering if you should outsource photo editing at your company but not sure if it’s worth it? Then I’m guessing you can relate to one of these three statements:

  1. “I do all the image editing myself.”
  2. “I have an in-house designer/design team that takes care of all my images.”
  3. “I don’t have the money to outsource photo editing.”

The most important thing to understand is when business owners let a qualified service handle their photo editing, they see higher productivity and revenue growth. What it all boils down to is increased efficiency — and that makes all the difference.

The hidden cost of doing it yourself

As the owner of your company, I’m sure your business means the world to you. Many owners are so passionate about their work, they’d do everything themselves if they had infinite time (and chances are they’ve tried!). 

Unfortunately, every business owner has the same 24 hours a day at their disposal, and because time is scarce, your time as the head of your company is especially valuable.

When you edit large batches of photos yourself, you take on a repetitive task that imposes an opportunity cost on your business — spending a lot of time on post-production leaves you with less time for high-growth activities. You may be saving a bit of money by not outsourcing your photo editing, but in return you squander the time you could have spent exploding revenue in your business. Instead of spending your energy on lower-growth tasks, why not focus on ways to 10x your company?

When you invest your time into high-leverage activities like meeting with potential clients, optimizing your marketing strategy, and creating new products, you’re able to grow your business and increase your revenue significantly. The potential is out there — but it demands your time and attention.

How much is your time worth?

Let’s say I had two tasks I needed finished: one that paid $100 and another that paid $1,000. If you knew you could do both equally well and they both took the same time and effort to complete, which would you pick?

You’d probably pick the $1,000 job, right? In that case, your time would be worth $1,000.

That means you wouldn’t spend your time doing a task worth $100, because you could make so much more.

It’s the same concept when you outsource photo editing. Just look at the math:

Say it takes you 10 minutes to edit one photo. That means you would edit six photos in an hour. But could you do something else with one hour of your time?

A rule of thumb is if you make more than it costs you to outsource something, then you should outsource. At Pixc you can get photo editing for as low as $1.60 with our largest image pack, so at that rate it would cost you $9.60 to have six photos edited. In this case, it’s almost guaranteed that you could create far more than $9.60/hour of value with your time.

So, how much is your time worth? Let’s say you value your time at $75/hour. When you’re editing photos, you bring your rate down to $9.60/hour. Now, if you outsource photo editing, at the very least you’ll net $75-$9.60 = $65.40/hour. Making $9.60 versus $65.40 is a no-brainer!

Furthermore, the cherry on the top is you now have the potential to create so much more value than you might normally anticipate. If you spent an hour creating a new product concept for your store, for example, you could see thousands of dollars in new revenue down the line. Sounds much more enticing, doesn’t it?

That’s the value of freeing up your time.

It gets better: Direct cost savings when you outsource photo editing

Let’s say you don’t do your photo editing yourself. Let’s say you direct your in-house design team to do it.

The math doesn’t lie:

If you need 1,000 photos edited and it takes your graphic designers 10 minutes to edit each photo, it’ll take 166 hours total to finish the batch. At $23/hour for an experienced designer, that comes out to a labor cost of $3,818.

When you outsource photo editing, you can get your batch of 1,000 photos done much more inexpensively. At Pixc, for example, you can have 1,000 images edited for $1,599 (or less than $1.60 per image). That’s $2,219 saved in direct costs alone!

Of course, when your design team is freed from having to perform repetitive photo editing tasks, they can turn their attention to creating revenue-growing content: social media art, product conceptions, infographics, and more.

Try Pixc and see how we can save you time and money

How can a service like Pixc edit your images so inexpensively? Because of efficiency and comparative advantage.

Schools teach economics and comparative advantages by discussing how different countries make certain things faster and better than others. France might be the go-to country for wine, for example, and Brazil might be really good at exporting agriculture. All in all, countries focus on what they’re good at.

At Pixc, we’re really good at editing photos — in fact, it’s all we do. All of our processes are laser-focused on producing quick, high-quality product image edits at top efficiency. That translates to amazing photos for you at an affordable price.

So, try out Pixc today and see what we can do for you!

When you think about all the time and money you can save, outsourcing  is a no-brainer! Check out how easy it is to start by taking advantage of a free photo edit today.

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