Know Your Background Removal Terms and Concepts

September 18, 2013 - Holly Cardew

Did you know: there are actually many ways to describe background removal, from technical terms like clipping paths and deep etching to photo-editing tools used such as the pen tool. If you’ve ever felt confused about background removal terms, here’s the lowdown on the main concepts you might come across.

Clipping path

A clipping path is a line or shape drawn along or around an object to create an outline. Once the clipping path is drawn, the background can be removed, resulting in a ‘cut-out’ of the object.

Deep etch

Deep etching is the process of using clipping paths to remove sections of an image.

pen tool


Pen tool

The pen tool is used to draw clipping paths and to create outlines in photo-editing software. When using the pen tool, segments and curves can be manipulated to create a smooth outline.

I hope that helped you get a better grasp on background removal terms!

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