What Is a Clipping Path Service?

June 12, 2013 - Holly Cardew

Have you heard of the technical terms clipping path or clipping path service? They sound complicated, but they’re actually really easy to understand.

A clipping path is also called a shape, or a closed vector path, made by using image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. It is created by using a specific tool (like the pen) to isolate an image from its background, or even by editing just a specific portion of the image or changing its shape.

What happens next (and what a clipping path service does)

Once it is applied, the clipping path isolates all of the image content that is within the path’s boundaries from the rest of the image. It allows future manipulation of that content only.


For ideal results, the starting image should display high contrast as well as crisp and sharply defined edges so the isolation process can be as precise as possible. Still, the process can be really time consuming when it comes to complex images that have not been taken with clipping in mind.

While setting clipping paths can be a repetitive, time-consuming operation, a specialised clipping path service such as Pixc can take this load off you (our customers)!

We want to help you focus on your work, instead of performing tedious clipping tasks.

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