How Poor Product Photos Lead to Lost Sales

May 26, 2013 - Holly Cardew

The internet is an incredibly useful tool for those who don’t enjoy going out to shop, offering customers the chance to shop 24/7 from the comfort of their own homes. With no parking costs, no need to worry about closing time and plenty of choice, online shoppers are able to conduct research into which items they want — especially with product photos — and shop around for the best deals with ease. However, there are some drawbacks to online shopping that can make it a difficult process.

It is easy to browse hundreds of products without having to schlep between different stores. But being unable to touch the items you want to buy, get an idea of size and colour, or even just assess design can make it difficult to come to a decision.

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This is where the product photos that you put on your site will really come into their own. Your customers might want to view an item from different angles, zoom in on a particular part of it, or just get a feel for how it would look in the flesh, and if they are unable to do so, they may well be put off.

Whilst your written description can answer a lot of questions for a shopper, if they are unable to see what they are buying, there will always be an element of uncertainty as to whether the product really is suitable for them. This could make the difference between a potential customer deciding to make a purchase from you or going elsewhere to find the details that they want.

Information is a powerful tool and a lack of it can put a customer off from buying, particularly if an item is unusual or unfamiliar, in which case the reassurance gained by being able to see a clear and well-shot photograph can be priceless.

That said, it almost goes without saying that you should include the best product photos you can. Professional, high-quality photos make you stand out from your competitors and get your customers clicking ‘Add to Cart’.

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