Why You Should Focus on Your Product Photos


Ecommerce product photos play a very important role in online marketing. When customers visit real retail stores, they touch and scrutinize products before buying. However, it is impossible to touch a product online and many people cannot buy a product they have not seen. By seeing a product, a customer is able to compare its size and other aspects with similar products and make the right choice.

Creating high-quality product photos (not in resolution size but in looks) is crucial in reaching a wider audience as those images are more likely to be shared on social media such as Pinterest. You could hire an expert if you are not conversant with product imaging; however, over time I want to teach you how to create great images so you will only need a clear space, natural light and a camera. No, not a professional camera — the one in your phone!
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Here are four tips for you when creating product photos:

1. Make sure your image represents what you are selling. This ensures the customer gets what he/she wants and shows the seller is a trustworthy person.
2. The image should not be too small or overcompressed. Small images are hard to view and end up misrepresenting the real product.
3. The images should not be too large. Large images take a long time to upload to your shop, and also create long loading times for the customer.
4. The size of the images should be uniform. Images should be the same width and height, otherwise the images will appear sloppy and poor.

Another tip is to add different functionality to your site. Use functions and features on your site that enable the customer to zoom the image to full view and rotate it 360 degrees to view the product from every angle. This helps bring the image to life, and one can observe more features compared to a one-dimensional image. A customer is also more likely to buy a product if he/she can see the details, especially with more detailed products like jewelry and clothing where the material and small details are important.

Visual merchandising through great product photos plays a crucial role in ensuring your online store is successful. It makes the page attractive and interesting, and a potential customer will stay on the site longer and therefore view more products. They might just become one of your greatest returning customers!

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