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32 Places to Sell Online: eCommerce Marketplaces & Platforms

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Thinking of selling online but not sure where to begin? Interested in selling across multiple platforms and marketplaces but not sure where to go?

There are so many great places to sell online; it’s not easy to know which one is right for you and your eCommerce needs. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 32 marketplaces and platforms to help you decide!


1. eBay

The original online marketplace, eBay is a leader in C2C and B2C eCommerce sales. You can find anything from electronics and cars to handmade goods and used clothing. As a seller, you can ask shoppers to bid on an item or buy it upfront.

2. Amazon

The biggest player in the U.S. online marketplace scene is Amazon, the bookseller turned retail powerhouse. The site offers millions of different products to a massive audience, and it’s the go-to online store for your everyday needs as well as one of the best places to sell online.

3. Etsy

Etsy is a bit like eBay, but is focused mostly handmade or vintage products. Perfect if you’re selling anything arty and crafty. 

Etsy had $1.93 billion in gross merchandise sales in 2014. (CLICK TO TWEET)

– via Etsy


4. Shopify 

Simple and easy to set up, Shopify lets you build your own eCommerce store from scratch. It has a beautiful admin interface, over a hundred mobile responsive themes and loads of amazing add-on apps for all your eCommerce needs. 

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5. Bigcommerce

If you’re after a fully hosted site and are planning to grow big, Bigcommerce is the platform for you!

6. Volusion

Volusion is a great all-in-one solution to building and running an eCommerce store. This platform is no stranger to eCommerce; with over 400,000 stores, over 450 employees and over $18 billion in merchant sales to date, they know eCommerce.

7. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform. This means you will have a lot of flexibility and access to a lot of plugins, but will have to look after your own security and hosting.


8. Weebly

A simple and affordable way to build your own website, online store or blog. Pick a theme, put your site together using a handy drag-and-drop creator, download the mobile app, and start blogging and selling.

9. Zibbet

If you’re selling handmade goods, give Zibbet a go. It’s the perfect place for artists, crafters and lovers of all things vintage or handmade. There are no transaction fees and Zibbet is free for up to 10 products, so if you’ve just started selling your work and want to see if eCommerce is really for you, you should try this platform.

The ‘quiet alternative to Etsy’, Zibbet is on track to become the second-largest player in the handmade-goods space. (CLICK TO TWEET)

– via The Daily Dot, BRW

10. Selz

Selz lets you focus on selling while it takes care of the rest. It’s easy to set up and all payments are managed by the platform. There are no monthly fees, only transaction fees when you make a sale.

11. LemonStand

LemonStand is a platform designed to let you customize and optimize your eCommerce store’s entire shopping experience. It’s all about growth at LemonStand, so if you have a new idea and want to develop it, this service is the platform for you.

12. Tictail

TicTail is a great platform for your first eCommerce store. Start your store for free, set up Facebook campaigns, manage social media channels and craft beautiful newsletters.


13. Squarespace

There aren’t many websites as beautiful as Squarespace out there. Build your online store from scratch with access to millions of beautiful stock images. You can also design your logo with Squarespace’s icon database. You’ll have access to analytics, mobile apps and a developer platform.

14. Cratejoy

Subscription boxes are an emerging eCommerce trend, so if you have a subscription box idea, CrateJoy is here to make it happen.

15. Symphony Commerce

Commerce as a service and not just as a software; this platform will automatically scale as your business grows so you don’t have to worry about server capabilities and extra costs.

16. Magento

Magento is owned by eBay, so you can trust they know eCommerce. Magento lets you take control of your own sales channel and scale your business with an emphasis on flexibility and functionality. They also have some incredible apps!


17. Alibaba

This Chinese company makes Amazon look tiny, racking up hundreds of billions of dollars in sales every year. Alibaba operates many online marketplaces, the largest being Alibaba and Taobao. These websites allow sellers to list not only goods, but services as well. The company is in the early stages of expanding into the U.S.


This post has been UPDATED!

Click here to view our 2017 Ultimate Guide to Places to Sell Online: 50 eCommerce Platforms & Marketplaces

18. Jet

One newcomer to the online marketplace scene is Jet, a startup that launched in the spring of 2015. Jet is aiming at providing a low-cost marketplace using optimized shipping costs and a membership model similar to Costco. The service will carry branded products only, but for certain sellers it can be a great platform to reach consumers.


19. eBid

eBid operates in 23 countries around the world. The free listing service and cheap overall cost (which is based on the final price of an item) makes eBid a great place to list your products.

20. Bonanza

Another great alternative to the big marketplaces is Bonanza, a very shopper-friendly website where low fees are the norm. The site carries a wide variety of products, from fashion and jewelry to art and home furnishings, and offers sellers the ability to market their products via Google Shopping for a slightly higher fee.

Bonanza pays all advertising costs for you until you make a sale. (CLICK TO TWEET)

– via Bonanza

21. Depop

If you’re looking for a mobile-optimized marketplace, Depop is a great place to start. All you have to do is use the app to take a photo and share your link on whatever platforms you want. Depop handles the sale itself and takes a small cut, while you can use whatever social platforms you want to spread the word.

22. Folksy

Folksy is a great platform for artistic and creative products, especially handmade items. It’s a low-cost alternative for high-volume sellers and it has a great, growing user base. Unfortunately, you can only sell on Folksy if you’re living in the U.K. (although products are shipped internationally).


23. Rakuten

Rakuten carries a huge range of products with a strong emphasis on electronics. Rakuten emphasizes shopping as a form of entertainment, as well as the concept of buying from other people and not from the internet. You can also collect Rakuten reward points.

24. Vide Dressing

If you’re selling high-end fashion, Vide Dressing is a great site for your products, and the site makes things easy for low-volume sellers.

25. Move Loot

If you have furniture to sell online, Move Loot is the place to go. Submit your items via the website, and the company will pick it up and sell the items for you. It’s a low-key, simple way to get rid of extra household items, and since the company lists the products for you, the process is as easy as it gets. Move Loot is only available in a few U.S. cities at the moment.

move loot

26. Flipkart

Flipkart is India’s leading marketplace. If reaching rapidly developing markets is something that’s in your business plan, you should definitely consider this platform.

Flipkart is the first billion-dollar company in Indian eCommerce. (CLICK TO TWEET)

– via Flipkart


eCRATER offers a somewhat unique take on the eCommerce marketplace. It’s a company that both helps you build a free online store and curates an online marketplace of millions of products on Google Shopping.

28. Sears

Sears offers a marketplace for sellers to list their products and expose themselves to a very large audience. The program requires a monthly fee but can be a great option for volume sellers.

29. Big Cartel

The place for any artist/designer/maker/hipster to start their creative business. It’s a pay-per-month platform (with a free option if you’re starting out). You’ll get a lot of freedom in terms of designing your store, but unless you’re featured on Big Cartel’s main site, you might have trouble getting traffic. Big Cartel is for people with a large social media following or offline presence.

big cartel

30. Craigslist

Not exactly an eCommerce platform, but you can still sell on Craigslist pretty easily because it’s been around for ages and everyone knows it’s a place to look. Just list an item, choose a price and upload photos. It’s not the most efficient for bulk selling, but rather for one-off sales.

31. Style Lend

If you have a closet full of designer dresses, Style Lend is a great way to make some money. The service allows you to rent out your designer dresses for around 10% of the retail price. It’s a great way for users to try out the latest styles without breaking the budget, and lenders can make some extra cash without too much work.

32. CustomMade

If you create high-end custom products like jewelry or woodworking, you should definitely check out CustomMade, an online marketplace with nearly 200,000 listings from artisans around the world.


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This post has been UPDATED!

Click here to view our 2017 Ultimate Guide to Places to Sell Online: 50 eCommerce Platforms & Marketplaces


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