3 Ways to Increase Customer Trust in Your Ecommerce Store


Oftentimes what separates a good shop from the rest is the trust it inspires in its customers.

84% of customers say that a company has to show it’s trustworthy before they’ll spend money there. Furthermore, a customer knowing they’ll have a transparent, secure shopping experience might be the single factor that makes them buy from you instead of from another store.

The message is clear: It pays to be trustworthy!

Here are a few tips you should implement to increase customer trust in your online store.

1. Offer a credit card payment method

Believe it or not, the safest payment method to use when shopping online is a credit card. When your customer uses a credit card to pay for their purchases, if their order did not arrive then they can dispute this order with the bank. You’ll have protection from the bank if you encounter credit card fraud.Stripe

Offering a credit card payment method will increase customer trust because they’ll know they can come after you if you don’t provide them with what they paid for… which, of course, I know isn’t your intention (or at least I hope not!).

2. Make the fine print clear and accessible

It’s important that you’re clear with your customers on how you work and how you run things with your online shop. You should always inform your customers about your shipping procedures; for example, how many days will it take for your shipment to arrive to them?

You should also let them know what your cancellation or return policies are. Create a page on your website for this kind of information so your customers know where to go if they have questions about how to order from you. Don’t forget to include contact information, shipping rates, shipping schedules (if any) and a privacy policy.

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3. Remember that your customers will probably do research on your shop before ordering from you

The power of the internet is in our hands, and we should use it to our advantage. To give a first good impression to a potential customer, make sure you have good-looking product shots. It’s important that your images look as professional as possible.

Try doing your product shots on a plain white background so that your photos come out clear and you keep the focus on your products only. People tend to think that low-quality photos or dodgy-looking photos mean you are also a dodgy seller — we definitely don’t want potential customers to think that!

Another good idea is to consistently update your blog, where you can post pictures of your customers wearing or using your products. Place your product reviews and testimonials here too. This way when your customer does their research on you, a plethora of relevant and trustworthy information will appear. There are few better ways to increase customer trust than by showing new store visitors a ton of positive information about you.

Your customers want to have great experiences at your store

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Make sure you treat them right! You can do that by making the shopping experience open and transparent for them.

If you also take steps to reassure them while they’re thinking about spending money with you, you’ll be more more likely to close the sale.

We’ll help you create fantastic photos so your store looks inviting and trustworthy! See what we can do for you with a free photo edit.

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