Roundup #13: Boost Your eCommerce Traffic by Preparing for the Holiday Season Now

September 6, 2017 - Milen VasilevRoundup-13-header

Successful eCommerce is all about attracting traffic to your store site, especially during the holidays. But to do that, you have to prep now to be ready in time for November.

Staying current on eCommerce news will help you do just that, and we want to help! Every month, we look at the news and deliver you summaries of eCommerce happenings that you can use to help boost your business.

Read on and gain a competitive edge in boosting your eCommerce traffic during the holidays while you still have time to implement the changes you need.


1. Prep for Black Friday 2017: About 10 Million More Americans Shopped Online Than in Stores Over Black Friday Weekend

Roughly 99.1 million people went to a brick-and-mortar store on Black Friday, but around 108.5 million shoppers preferred to stay home and shop online. These numbers are significant because, in 2015, they were almost even.

In other words, if you didn’t offer Black Friday deals this past November, you should have. And you should definitely make plans to do so for Black Friday 2017 – only 2 months away! In addition, don’t just advertise special promotions; look at upgrading your shopping app, improving your shopping cart and expanding pickups for eCommerce orders. All of these things take time to plan and execute by November.


2. Launch at the Right Time: Handbag Designer Lee Savage on Launching Her Luxury eCommerce Site

As eCommerce becomes more and more ubiquitous, brands need to do what they can to connect with consumers. Today’s online shopping site needs more than just the basic functionality that lets customers buy online. Use your website to control your brand story as well as your merchandising, and launch when the market’s hot.

Also, don’t be afraid to use the knowledge you gain from customer behavior on your site, such as what your customers are looking for, the demographics of those shoppers and the types of things to which they respond.


3. If You Mess Up, Work on Damage Control: Macy’s Website Suffers Disruptions on Critical Shopping Day

Can your website keep up with the larger number of visitors expected in 2017? 2016’s holiday season saw several website disruptions. Even big retailers like Macy’s experienced major delays on their websites, prompting pages that explained the sites were undergoing maintenance. Most attempted to solve the issue by extending their Black Friday sale prices, but some retailers, like JCPenney, didn’t experience a single disruption in service.

But consumers want solutions, not a weak, overloaded eCommerce site.  Consumers are getting impatient with websites who can’t keep up with online demands, and they will leave your site if you don’t keep up. According to SOASTA, the target load time to prevent cart abandonment for mobile sites is just 2 seconds, down from 2.4 seconds last year. Spend time making sure your site is up to those standards.


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