Let Customers Shop from Facebook with Lookbook Cloud


This week, I caught up with Alex from Lookbook Cloud to ask him more about his Facebook app and how it can help your online sales.

What is Lookbook Cloud and what do you offer?

Lookbook Cloud is a Facebook application that allows you to create an interactive slideshow with multiple clickable tags per slide. For example, a slide can be a photo of a model wearing a dress, a scarf and with a handbag. Each product can have an interactive marker that shows its name and price and link to buy it.

Your fans can browse through a slideshow without leaving their favourite social network (Facebook) and if interested, click on products that lead them to your online store.

There is also a sharing facility so people can share items they like and of course ask their friends for feedback on a certain item. For you and your store, this can provide increased traffic to your website and give you viral potential.


How did you come up with the idea?

There are two reasons why I decided to start Lookbook Cloud:

1. For over a year, I have been selling extensions for the popular eCommerce platform Magento eCommerce. The extension is called Altima Lookbook and allows Magento online store owners to create interactive sliders (we call them lookbooks) for their online stores.

2. Also, while working in a digital agency I noticed that a lot of people working in marketing found it difficult to get a return on their social media investment.

I decided to create Lookbook Cloud. I believe that by using our app you can turn your Facebook fan base into paying customers.

What is your favourite business tool?

If we talk about IT-related tools I use Google Drive a lot, Google Analytics, Fireshot screenshot tool, Axure to design wireframes and prototype, and Redmine and Fogbugs for managing projects online.

What would you say to eCommerce store owners?

My favourite saying is, ‘Sell not what people need, but what people want’. I am not sure that you can always follow that saying, but it definitely makes selling easier.

Like Lookbook Cloud, we’re always looking to help business owners increase their sales! See what Pixc can do for you with a free photo edit today.

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