Kit, Shopify’s Virtual Employee, Partners with Pixc to Automate Photo Editing


Pixc is already devoted to helping you create beautiful product photos for your online store. Now, we’re partnering with Kit, Shopify’s new virtual employee, to automate your photo refinishing on the fly.

What’s more, Shopify has just announced that Kit is now free for all Shopify store owners! It’s the perfect time to start looking at how Kit can help automate your business.

What is Kit?

Kit is a groundbreaking virtual employee chatbot that will automate your web and email marketing.

As an entrepreneur, you’re already well-acquainted with the grueling, tedious work that comes from the repetitive nature of setting up ads, taking product photos, updating FAQs, responding to customer queries, and more.

Fortunately, Kit’s here to change all that. Acquired by Shopify in April 2016, Kit’s an official Facebook Marketing Partner tailored to small businesses. It already assists thousands of Shopify owners with a myriad of marketing tasks thanks to its automation technology, and now it’s positioned to transform the way you conduct business too.

What does Kit do?

Kit automates many of the microtasks you perform every day. It can:

  • Create and launch Facebook ads, including dynamic retargeting ads that personalize content and reintroduce key customers to your offerings
  • Set up and run Instagram ads that play perfectly with your desired ad spending
  • Post Facebook updates
  • Promote both new and now-in-stock products
  • Create sales performance reports
  • Generate and send personalized “thank you” emails to your best customers

No need to remember Kit – Kit remembers you. It follows up with you each day via Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or SMS (text). All you have to do is reply “Yes” to Kit’s suggestion, and you’re off!

How can Kit improve your business?

Advanced chatbots like Kit can automate and scale your business, which is fast becoming critical to business growth.

Intelligent assistants like Kit go way beyond basic customer service – they create cost-effective efficiencies throughout your company. You’ll save money by not hiring more staff, and customers will relish the ability to set their own pace without customer service middlemen.

Even better, Kit monitors and records everything it does and every response it receives. You can tweak and optimize your processes to your heart’s content— further promoting savings and growth for your Shopify business.

As your business grows, the return from integrating automation tools like Kit will only continue to improve. That’s why it is so important to look at new tools that can help you automate and scale your business for tomorrow.

Still not convinced? Learn how Kit transformed Noli Yoga’s monthly sales, delivering a 220% return on ads spent. And on Facebook, Kit drove 5x more customers to eCommerce stores than they were able to do themselves the year before.

How Pixc is working with Kit

At Pixc, our goal is to provide retail-ready photos to eCommerce merchants. Beautiful product photography has been proven time and time again to improve your sales, but it can also be a time-intensive and costly process.

Our goal has been to automate this process for you, integrating seamlessly with your eCommerce store to help you manage all of your product photography needs.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce the new ways you can manage your photos using Pixc and Kit!

Automatically get your new products’ photos retail-ready

When you add new products to your store, Kit works with Pixc to automatically detect which photos you should have edited.

Kit will send you a message asking if you would like to have these photos edited. You simply reply ‘yes’. It’s that easy. Your professionally-edited photos will be returned within 24 hours.


This means you can automate the whole photo editing process for new products in your store using your new virtual assistant!

Streamline your marketing photography

One of the best features of Kit is its ability to run intelligent marketing campaigns for you. But to have a great campaign you need to be using photos that are professionally-edited and scaled to a specific size.

Using Kit, you can send your photos to Pixc to be edited for your upcoming marketing campaigns.

Kit Pixc Integration for Marketing Campaigns

Discover which existing products need better photography

When you have many products, finding the time to crawl through your store and pick out which products need better photography can be a time-consuming task that is low on your list of priorities.

Kit automates this process by analysing your product photos and finding which ones should be edited. You can then send them to Pixc to be professionally edited and reuploaded to your store within 24 hours.


Fixing product images can have a big impact on your sales. But it used to be a time-consuming process requiring your own setup and a suite of photo editing software.

Now, using Kit and Pixc, you have no excuse not to have professional product photography for all of your images.

Ready to automate your photo editing?

Kit is now free for all Shopify stores, which means you can hire your first virtual assistant today for no cost! We’re excited for Pixc to be one of the first apps to integrate with Kit and to let you automatically edit all of your product photos.

You can start using Kit today by installing it from the Shopify App Store. Once you’re all set up, you can add Pixc as a Skill to Kit. If you have any questions about hiring Kit for your own store, you can also reach out to Kit through their home page.

Install the Pixc-Kit integration today and start automating your business!

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