How to Use Pinterest for Business the Right Way


While shopping online, I’ve noticed that some people are using Pinterest for business– but a lot of online stores and businesses aren’t. I love Pinterest and think it’s a great marketing tool to use.

Why, you ask?

It drives more traffic to your store!

Of course as a business you should have a strategy to using Pinterest. There are far too many people just ‘pinning’ their products. So I have listed a few steps to get you started:

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1. Create an account on Pinterest for business — and just business

Sometimes less is more, and in the case of a business-related Pinterest account, this is definitely the case. Not everyone wants to see your personal life, as it may not relate to your product or customer. But if you keep your Pinterest laser-focused, your customers can more readily see the value you’re bringing to them (in this case, your products).

2. Make sure you add your website URL and verify it

If your followers love your pin boards they will most likely want to visit your website to see what it’s all about. Pinterest’s big “Visit site” button makes it incredibly convenient to drive enthusiastic, targeted traffic to your online store.

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3. Create 5 – 10 pin boards

Make sure your pin boards relate to your products and the lifestyles of your customers. For example: if you sell French Provincial homewares, your customer most probably likes to travel to France/Europe, eat French food, visit galleries and have white/cream interiors in their homes.

Because of that, I would create a pin board for ‘Food’, ‘Places to Visit’, ‘Interior Inspiration’, ‘Art Pieces’, ‘Garden Ideas’ etc. And of course while you pin these types of images, you can also pin some of your product images throughout.

Remember, the majority of ‘Pinners’ are female and use Pinterest to create their dream home/life. They will create wish lists of all the lovely products they would like; however, they do want to see visual inspiration too and you want to provide this for them. You’ll be much more successful using Pinterest for business if you keep this in mind.

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4. Pin beautiful images

Yes, ‘beautiful’ is subjective, but I always tell someone who is using Pinterest for business to pin things that you would like to see in a magazine. Pinterest is one big virtual pin board or magazine, and you will attract your customers by creating beautiful pin boards.

5. Add links

If you are uploading pins of your products or images in your store, make sure they link directly to the product you are selling. People are time-poor these days and don’t have time to search around; they want to be taken to the exact source of the image. Of course, you want them to click ‘Buy’, so make it easy for them!

I have been pinning for a long time now (still love it) and have recently created a Pixc Pinterest account. Follow us and we will follow you back.

I hope these tips helped you set up your Pinterest for business! If you want crisp, beautiful images for your online store, contact us. See what Pixc can do for you with a free photo edit!

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