How to Increase Online Sales by Improving Your Website

June 29, 2013 - Holly Cardew

So you have your online store and you are selling merchandise, but you still need to increase online sales?

Firstly, people prefer to visit online stores that are easy to use, user-friendly and reliable. For this reason, you have to ensure that your online store contains helpful features for your customers. Whether you run a small, medium-size or big online store, reading through these tips will hopefully give you some ideas that will increase your online sales.


I suggest you make sure you have the following:

Simple navigation

This is the most important factor to consider while creating an online store. Ensure that your website easy to use for customers. Most customers do not want to waste time navigating a website. Make sure your customers get to the products without any hassle.

Many eCommerce stores keep very simple navigation bars focused on their core offerings; they don’t clutter their navigation with a lot of extraneous information. Consider doing the same to keep the focus on your products.

Quality product images

When building an eCommerce store, ensure that you use compelling product images that can grab your customers’ attention. This will help clients act without even reading through the product descriptions. Product images are especially useful for items whose value is already apparent, but that customers need a visual element for to see how the product will be a fit for them.

SHIRTS Factory 43

Search bar

A search bar on your eCommerce store can work like magic. It will increase online sales by helping customers get to the products they are looking for. So, place the search bar at the top of your website for easy access. Also, consider making it a little larger so it’s easy to spot.



With the alarming rate of scam on the internet, many shoppers prefer to shy away from online shopping. When creating an online store, put security measures in place for your customers. This will help you gain quick traffic, visitors and leads, as well as make more profit. Choosing a secure eCommerce platform like Shopify or Squarespace helps tremendously, as oftentimes your third-party platform will take care of security measures (like encryption and credit card payments) for you.

Top-notch service

Providing quality service to your eCommerce customers will help a lot. This will allow your customers make purchasing decisions with ease. Be timely with your communication and answering customer questions. Also, make sure you ship your customers’ orders in a timely manner.

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