Roundup #9: eCommerce News

October 28, 2016 - Holly

To be successful in today’s e-commerce market, you need to adapt readily to changes in the industry. Staying on top of e-commerce news is a big part of that. To make your job a little easier, we comb through the news and deliver you some of the best eCommerce trends you can use to gain a competitive edge, so you can keep your focus where it belongs — on your company!

1. Updating Pages to Make it Easier to Interact with Customers

Facebook is changing Pages, again. Over 1 billion people visit Facebook Pages every month, and now the social media giant is making it even easier for you to get their business. Call-to-action buttons have been enhanced from a simple “Contact Us” to options that allow your visitors to place an order, book an appointment, or order tickets directly from your Facebook Page. Make sure you implement the best call-to-action for your page, which will probably be “Shop Now”.

2. How eBay is Wooing Millennials

Another piece of eCommerce news that should be on your radar is that eBay is changing its value proposition in a bid to attract new shoppers. The company is moving away from its online auction house beginnings and embracing a one-stop shop philosophy. Recommendations are now personalized based on search history and previous purchases — and the products on offer are expanding. The result: eBay is offering more new products, and auctions are passe. Now, some 86 percent of the items sold on eBay are offered at a fixed price.

3. The New ShopBot Bot on Messenger Searches eBay for You

As you run an eCommerce business, you should also be aware that chat bots are about to become a very big thing. These shopping bots help users search for items to buy in a very personal way — you just have to ask a question. No search engine required. Plus, today’s chat bots learn from users so that they provide better recommendations over time, similar to Pandora radio and other such personalized services.

4. How Amazon’s Recent Changes Could Affect Your Business

Amazon is shaking things up as well. The company announced in early October that it would no longer accept incentivized reviews unless they originate through Amazon’s Vine program. The eCommerce giant also began giving more weight to the most helpful reviews. It’s all about the company regaining its credibility, but it could impact your business if you sell on Amazon.

Paying attention to eCommerce news can help you be aware of changes in the industry and shifts in buyer behavior. There’s something in these articles that every eCommerce seller could use, no matter what you sell or where you are in your business life cycle.


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