BigCommerce Roundup – August

September 6, 2017 - Milen VasilevBigCommerce-Roundup-August

BigCommerce recently passed the 100 million annualized revenue milestone and is still growing steadily. The company is working hard to add impressive new integrations, improve features, and welcome a host of new third party apps.

Here’s a short summary of BigCommerce’s August updates and improvements:


Klarna easy checkout now on BigCommerce

Source: Klarna 


Klarna Checkout Rolls Out in the US

This excitingly practical integration with Klarna removes the hassle from checkout by removing the lengthy card input at the end of the process.

Repeat customers only need to fill in their name and zip code, and Klarna takes care of the rest. Buyers have to settle their bill directly with Klarna within 14 to 30 days depending on the store setup.

The advantage for you is that Klarna assumes all the risk, and you, as a seller, get paid at the time of the transaction. Klarna Checkout also integrates with the Klarna payment gateway and provides fraud protection.

Klarna Payments is now available for all stores located in the US.


Screenshot of BigCommerce's auto-sku generator

Source: BigCommerce


BigCommerce Introduces SKU-Level Product Dimensions

 This means that now, you can add shipping attributes like width, height, and depth to any individual SKUs. You can implement them by using the control panel as well as import or export items. Until now, this option was only available to products of simpler dimensions.

This upgrade matters most to merchants who sell products in different sizes, which affect the shipping cost. This built-in tool allows for accurate, real-time shipping cost quotes and helps you keep better track of your stockpile.

To apply different SKUs to your product variations:

  • assign the attributes first and use the Auto-SKU generator or
  • assign each SKU individually.


 BigCommerce introduces custom form fields and dimensions

Source: BigCommerce


BigCommerce Now Supports Custom Form Fields 

 BigCommerce is always improving, and in August, they updated their checkout forms. Their Optimized One-Page Checkout is happy to be the home of these custom form fields:

  • Field types
  • Checkboxes
  • Date field
  • Multiline text field
  • Numbers only field
  • Password field
  • Radio buttons
  • Text field
  • Pick list

Customizing your default checkout page can give you some important insights into your buyers and their spending. But be careful not to make it so complicated or long that it reduces your conversion.

Usually, collecting just a little more information about your buyers can help you individualize their experience next time they visit.


New BigCommerce Apps released in August

Countdown Timer by POWr 

If you want to promote a sense of urgency for you current deals and alert buyers of the limited remaining hours until they expire, this is the app for you. It not only displays an elegant countdown timer, it also shows the number of buyers that have purchased the product.

This app is highly customizable and can countdown for deals or up to a date for any upcoming events. You can also style your timer with different fonts, colors, and backgrounds.


Popup by POWr 

This customizable popup is a great tool to grab attention and promote your store. You can embed signup forms, discount codes, and surveys. You can also build up a sense of urgency by embedding a countdown timer and product images. This app supports any language and is responsive to mobile devices.

Premium features include time delay, controlling frequency, and hiding the “Close” button.



This app is very useful way to grab your visitors’ attention and direct it toward your best products. You can create call to action banners, video sliders, and photo reels.

Slider is built to help you increase traffic to desired products, engage buyers, and boost your site ranking. The app’s ultimate goal is to boost your conversion rate.


Infoplus Connect 

This is a one-stop-shop app to manage your fulfillment process. Infoplus simplifies your operation by pulling together information from all of your systems. The app boasts some powerful tools to reduce workload, keep up with customers, and boost growth. Plus, Infoplus offers 30-day free trial.


Infoplus Connect App on BigCommerce

Source: Infoplus


Push Notifications

As the name implies, this is an app that manages your push notification efforts. You can send timely abandoned cart reminders, offer discounts and promotions, and send delivery updates and tracking info. This is a good tool to add to your store, and it is free for up to 3,000 subscribers.



Ant allows you to seamlessly sync your inventory across most major eCommerce platforms. The app boasts real-time product updates, product importing, and dynamic inventory tracking across channels. It is a good tool if your run multiple channels or plan to expand to other platforms – saving time and effort.



This is an inventory and order management app that integrates your BigCommerce Store with your retail locations. Primaseller offers auto fulfillment when inventory drops, inventory transfer across locations, and QuickBooks integration. This app is for big operators with brick-and-mortar stores and multi-channel inventory.


Official eKomi Plugin 

The eKomi plugin for BigCommerce lets you integrate your store with the eKomi system. eKomi allows you to boost your site’s Google score by collecting verified reviews, getting your Google seller ratings, and displaying the eKomi seal on your site. These actions help you improve your CTR, conversion rate, and your AdWords Campaigns Quality Score



If you want to optimize your on-site real-time promotions, this is the app for you. Exclusive Offers is a highly responsive solution for on-site promotions that offers the type of precision and savvy that only big players usually have.

Exclusive Offers helps you turn abandoned carts into orders, use targeted offers, and track buyer behavior. You can filter your offers based on a wide range of attributes including location, behavior, and previous purchases.


We can only expect bigger and better things from BigCommerce in the future, so stay tuned for our next monthly roundup. Subscribe to our email list to never miss the major scoops from BigCommerce and other big eCommerce players.


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