3 Product Image Zoom Features Your Customers Will Love (with Examples)


User experience when shopping online is just as important as, if not more important than, shopping in-store.

That said, you need to recreate this in-store experience — and that means making your online shop easy to use.

When shopping online I am normally in a rush, and I want to browse through the racks (scroll through the pages and pages of products) as fast as possible to find what I am looking for.

I want to be able to hover over the product and see more information about it. Whether that comes from a ‘quick look’ feature, another image view or size availability, all these small functionalities help me as I don’t have to click, wait for the page to load and then look for the information I need. Some websites that do the ‘product image zoom’ features well are Net-a-Porter, MyTheresa and Jumbled.

1. Outfit View (demonstrated by Net-a-Porter)

Net-a-Porter’s version of the product image zoom is allowing customers to hover over an image and see a product in context on a model, with other accessories. This allows the customer to see several things about the product: how it really sits, its size and how it can be styled. You can also select ‘Outfit View’ at the top of the website if you want to see all of the products in context.

Net a Porter Product View

Net a Porter Outfit View

2. Size View (demonstrated by MyTheresa)

Normally when you shop, you want to see what the product looks like (shown by photos), the price (can you spend that much) and whether it’s available in your size. MyTheresa makes this easy for the customer. When you hover over their product images, the interface provides you with the sizes available.

MT Regular Product View

MT Product View

3. Quick View (demonstrated by Jumbled)

Quite a few stores, especially Shopify store theme layouts, provide a ‘Quick View’ option. This allows the customer to hover over and click on the product and — without having to wait for a new page to load — see a pop-up window of the product, all the product details and an ‘Add to Cart’ button. Jumbled provides this great option to its customers. Again, it is faster and easier to use for the customer.


Jumbled Quick View

Try these out and see what your customers think

If these gorgeous websites inspired you, try out one of the product image zoom features and see what your customers think. Chances are your customers will love the changes, especially because you’ll give them an easier, more streamlined way to shop.

Do you want beautiful photos for each product image zoom in your store? Contact us today! Let us show you what we can do with a free photo edit.

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