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As the owner of an e-commerce business, you’ll already be well aware of just how important social media is to the success of your business. However, that means you’ll also know just how difficult it is to get your content in front of your users. There’s just so much competition, right?

Today we’re going to explore 11 essential social media tips that you need to know to boost the quality of your social media content instantly, increase audience reach, engagement rates and therefore conversion rates.

1. Distribution is Crucial

Before you start editing your content, you’re going want to make sure that you’re distributing your content in the right places. Are you posting content on Facebook that is better suited on your Instagram account?

This is a problem you should address since it could be the reason you have low engagement rates and social media success. To maximize the effectiveness of your social media content, you can use social media tools like Buffer App and Tweet Deck to schedule content in advance.

2. Consider the Reader

The most important thing you need to remember is that you could have the most fantastic piece of content, but if it’s not written for your reader, they’re not going to want to read it. “Consider the language, tone of voice, format, and style that you use to make sure it matches what your target audience wants to read” – explains Ashley Watson, a Social Media Manager Huffington Post writer.

3. Keep Your Reader Gripped

This might sound like a point that goes without saying, but you’d be shocked to see how many authors of social media content jump straight to the gripping part of their message, giving the reader no reason to read on. It’s like starting a Top 10 list at number one; no one wants to see the worst, only the best.

4. Captivate your Audience

Sounds easier said than done, right? However, creating a story in every post you write is a great way to connect with your readers, grabbing their attention and connecting with them emotionally.

Treat each post as a story, create characters and have a set beginning, middle and end for your reader to read through.

5. Use Images

There are very few methods more effective at increasing engagement rates compared to the power of using images in your social media content. The human brain can process the data from an image around 68,000x faster than it does text so using images is a great way to grab someone’s attention, rather than plain text.

And you’re not just restricted to images like photographs. Why not create your own, use videos, infographics, charts and more! Check out Canva for some more visual inspiration.

6. Be Authentic

With more and more influencers and businesses on social media, it is important to be authentic, be real. Consumers are wanting to see more than just a nice product on a pretty face. Share the behind the scenes photos and what your brand is really about.

7. Check Your Content for Quality

Nobody is going to want to read or engage with your content if it’s an extremely low-quality and the basics aren’t right. I’m talking about your spelling, grammar, and your punctuation. This may seem like the most obvious point on the list, but you’d be surprised at how many people miss it.

Using a tool like Grammarly, you can make sure that your content is edited correctly, and ready for uploading, without causing your readers any problems.

8. Keep Things Simple

You don’t want to overload your reader with information. Otherwise, things are just going to get confusing. Instead, aim to convey one message per content piece and stick to the point, rather than trailing off onto a load of other subjects.

9. Avoid Poor Quality Content

Running a business and a social media page is tough work, and it eats up a lot of time in your day. However, that doesn’t mean you should rush your social media content and release low-quality work.

Instead, I’d highly recommended you outsource the task to a professional, such as the ones found at Boom Essays and Academadvisor, who can create your content on your behalf.

10. Create a Conversation

One of the best ways to boost your engagement rates and to get people on board with your content is to create a conversation by asking a question, asking for feedback or simply asking to hear their opinions about what you’ve just written.

11. Value Rules

Whether you’re looking to connect with your readers or boost your content in the search engines, the value that your content provides is essential.

Neil Stahr, a Digital Marketing Strategist from Write my paper comments: “You need to be providing your readers with content that they can actually take away a bit of beneficial information, rather than just reading a piece rammed with keywords.”

As you can see, enhancing your social media content doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. Instead, follow these rules and social media tips to make sure that you’re creating perfect content every single time.


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