Flexible options that scale with you



5 images



50 images



100 images

Purchase a credit package and use your image credits whenever you need.

Credit packages are valid for full 365 days. All prices are in USD.

Or become a Pixc member and get added benefits. Terms & Conditions may apply.

Why we use credit packs

Manage your budgets

With pre-purchased credits, you'll always stay on budget, without having to constantly track your spending.

Discounted pricing

The more credits you buy, the more you save. Premium Members Get Over 50% Off!

No limitations

Use your credits for any image editing services on Pixc, including background removal, recoloring, retouching and more.

What image editing options do credits cover?

Basic image options

2 credits per image

Remove backgrounds

Add border

Resize and reformat

Advanced image options

Additional file type & sizes

+ 1 credit per image

Add Natural shadows

+ 1 credit per image


+ 1 credit per image per swatch

Remove models

+ 2 credits per image


Starts at 1 credit per image

Pricing FAQs

Yes, we do offer a free trial. It’s our way of showing you what we can do. Upon sign-up, you’ll automatically receive 5 bonus credits so you can start submitting some images.

You can also submit your free trial by going to this link.

This depends on (1) the editing options you choose, (2) the credit package you purchase, and (3) your current plan.

We offer both basic and advanced editing options. All basic options are included in the 2 credits per image price. Whereas, the advanced options are priced separately.

The actual cost of credits depend on the package you bought and the plan you have. If you’re on a Member plan, you can take advantage of lower credit package costs plus other exclusive benefits. More details on our pricing available here.

All Pixc customers use prepaid credits to pay for image editing options. You can purchase a credit pack that best matches the number of pictures you plan to upload to Pixc.

Our basic editing option costs 2 credits per image, and includes background recoloring/removal, adding borders, and reformatting/cropping.

Advanced editing options are priced "a la carte", starting at 1 credit per image. These options can range from adding shadows to delivering your images in additional file types.

Our basic editing includes background removal, resizing, and adding borders to your images. However, we also offer other editing requests such as adding shadows, mannequin removal, retouching, and so much more.

Not sure what you’re after? Feel free to reach out to one of our customer success representatives.

The Premium Membership is a paid monthly plan designed for frequent Pixc users. When you sign up, you unlock the lowest pricing on image credit packs and gain access to advanced options and exclusive services.

Regardless whether you subscribe to a Pixc Member plan, you will still need credits. However, our Pixc Member plan offers more benefits such as cheaper credit prices and other additional features. 

The Pixc Member plan is designed for customers who need many images edited and stored on a regular basis, as subscriptions offer the largest savings (up to 90% off).

Credit packs are designed to flexibly support the needs of customers, whether they have a dozen photos to edit per year or hundreds per day.

Yes, of course! Please note that if you downgrade your account from Member to Pay-as-you-go, it will take effect at the end of your current period.

Pixc dust! (Kidding). Our magic is in our advanced technology, combined with the skills and dedication of our amazing graphic designers from developing countries. You can learn more about how we do it here.

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