20 Great Selling & Trending Products You Can Drop Ship for BFCM

October 31, 2017 - Milen VasilevGroup of men in black pants displaying colorful socks that you can drop ship on bfcm

The world of eCommerce is ever more enticing for entrepreneurs who are looking to be their own bosses and have more freedom. And drop shipping, in particular, is the epitome of that freedom because you can run your store from anywhere, even while you travel the world.

The advantages of drop shipping are that

  • you do not have to carry an inventory,
  • you need very little upfront investment, and
  • you have full flexibility.


That means you can grow your store to the size that is comfortable for you to manage – either as a side income or a full-time gig.

With drop shipping, you are essentially a middleman between a manufacturer or supplier and the final consumer. You create an online store, promote it to get buyers, and handle customer service. Your supplier ships your orders directly to your customers and handles all logistics and fulfillment.

You can even get a drop shipping store up and running in a week! But making it successful takes a lot of dedication. One of your biggest challenges is choosing what to sell. Over time, you can test different products and find the winning formula for you, but Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) is just around the corner and stocking up on the right items for this season can significantly improve your conversions for the here and now.

Get your listings organized before the rush kicks in and make sure you get your images up to standard for the big sale. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and trending products that you can drop ship for BFCM.



1. Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are gaining traction as some of the big players like Amazon and Google are raising awareness about the smart home of the future. Smart homes are the natural next step in technology, especially for millennials who are getting accustomed to controlling everything in their lives via their smartphones.

Video doorbells have a camera and an app that connects to your smartphone so you can see who as at your door even if you are not home. They have infrared sensors for night vision and make homeowners feel safer. They are also light and compact for low-cost shipping.


Video doorbell on door that is perfect to drop ship on black friday cyber monday

Source: Amazon


2. Smartwatches

Smartwatches are one of the most popular gifting items in the holiday season. With the recent announcement of the new Apple watch, the hype is back and other brands like ZTE Quartz and Fitbit are also gaining momentum.

They are perfect for both tech enthusiasts, who ride the newest trends, and fitness gurus, who are obsessed with their workout metrics. Also, they are compact and light, which makes them easy and affordable for drop shipping.


3. Activity Trackers

Activity trackers like Fitbit have been spiking in popularity for the past few holiday seasons. They are much more affordable than smartwatches and offer basic fitness metrics like distance, heart rate, and average time engaged in an activity.

More people than ever are exercising on regular basis, and they are growing accustomed to keeping track of their daily progress. After the holidays, many people vow to lose weight, which makes a fitness tracker the perfect gift for a wide audience.


4. Action Cameras

Action cameras also get an interest spike around the holiday season and on BFCM. They are a perfect item to offer if your store is geared to outdoors enthusiasts. They come in many shapes, forms, and prices and can be attached to arms, helmets, and bikes depending on your specific need.

GoPro is still the leader, but there are others like iON and Vivitar that are more affordable and can sell well on BFCM.


Black 4K action camera to drop shop on BFCM

Source: Wired


5. Bluetooth Earphones

Ever since Apple removed the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 and dramatically increased the battery life of their Bluetooth earphone, AirPods, Bluetooth earphones, in general, have become exceedingly popular. They are a great gift option and enjoy a spike in popularity in November as many fitness and outdoors enthusiasts, as well as commuters, enjoy the wireless comfort they offer.


6. Power Banks

Consumers are slowly shifting to mobile, using their smartphones ever more for shopping, directions, and watching videos. And while smartphones are getting more powerful, heavy use drains their batteries pretty quickly.

So power banks or portable chargers are becoming a must-have accessory for a very wide consumer base. They come in many different sizes and colors like this Camping Rechargeable Power Bank, Solar Powered Power Bank, or Smartphone Battery Case.


7. Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers enjoy a steady popularity and a healthy boost around the holidays as many people tend to listen to music from their smartphones and like the convenience they offer. They come in all sizes and colors like this LED lights version or this more natural bamboo look and are easy to source from domestic and foreign suppliers. They are a natural extension to the smartphone world and are growing strong as a category.


8. Arduino Starter Kits

If your eStore is tech-oriented, the Arduino Starter Kit is a must-have for the BFCM holiday season. The Arduino Kit is a simple hardware set that has all the components of a basic computer and boasts a huge following among developers and tech enthusiasts because it is super affordable. You can experiment and build doorbells that send you text messages, light signs, or try your hand at creating the next hit gadget.


Display of an Arduino starter kit with all its accessories - to drop ship on BFCM

Source: Elektor


Accessories and Cosmetics

9. Laptop Backpacks

With the rise of digital nomads, freelancers, and remote workers, packing your office in a cool backpack has become, well, cool. There is a huge audience out there for quality laptop backpacks that you can tap into for BFCM. Make your store stand out with minimalist looking backpacks, waterproof solutions for digital nomads that hop from island to island, or theft proof ones for world travelers.


10. Minimalist Wallets

As the world gradually shifts to credit cards and electronic methods of payment, the need for large bulky wallets is vanishing. They are being replaced by slim, easy-fit, minimalist wallets that are suited to hold a few key essentials. There is a world of quality minimalist wallets available for drop shipping made from leather, metal, and even wood. They make a great gift and are super easy to ship.


Black minimalist Infinity wallet

Source: Infinity Wallet


11. Waterproof Phone Cases

Smartphone cases, in general, are a safe bet when it comes to eCommerce because people are always looking to protect their valuable gadgets. But waterproof ones make your store stand out and offer a solution for poolside users, vacations, and rainy days. This niche product still caters to a wide audience of people who live on the coast and frequent the beach for surfing, jogging, and leisure.


12. Wooden Sunglasses

Wooden accessories are back in fashion with wooden glasses, watches, and Bluetooth speakers all trending right now. As people, and millennials, in particular, are growing ever more eco-friendly, wooden sunglasses have gained a healthy following among nature-minded consumers. They come in many shapes and colors, including some excellent bamboo examples.


Brown wooden sunglasses as a new trend to drop ship for bfcm

Source: Design Crumbs


13. Enamel Pins

Enamel pins started growing in popularity in early 2016 and have been getting ever more popular since. They are often quirky, funny, and engaging and have become a cool way to make a subtle statement by pinning them on your clothes, hat, or laptop bag.

They are also perfectly suited for eCommerce because they are tiny and easy to ship. You can find plenty of examples that you can drop ship on AliExpress or Alibaba.


14. Cosmetic Highlighters

Highlighters have always been popular, but their more recent ascent has been attributed to the selfie trend and the urge to post perfect pictures on social media. Since pocket size cosmetic products are then being used more often in women’s routines, it puts them safely on this list.

And as the holiday season approaches and photo opportunities become more frequent, these items are bound to further spike in popularity, so adding a few basic varieties to your store is bound to be worth the trouble.



15. Leggings and Stockings

Leggings are an essential item in any girl’s closet because they are comfortable and a good fit for a casual day, yoga class, or a morning jog. They not only keep you warm but have exploded in popularity because of cool new designs that give them character and enhance any outfit.

Similarly, stockings can add a layer of sophistication and also keep you warm. They come in different styles, materials, and thicknesses to satisfy a range of different needs and tastes. Also, they are light and easy to ship, which makes them ideal for drop shipping.


several women in a row sporting colorful pairs of leggings

Source: Jovana


16. Shapewear

Shapewear is worn underneath women’s clothing to give a more slimming look. This garment category has been steadily growing in popularity in recent years and is sure to be a hit this BFCM holiday season. Offer a range of different shapewear products to reach a wider audience like Tunny Suits, Push Up Vests, or Waist Trainers.


17. Dad Hats

The classic baseball hat design from the ‘90s has been gaining popularity in the last two years, especially among fashion-minded millennials. In the tradition of reviving old favorites, dad hats have been brought back into the mainstream by leading fashion houses making them hip and cool again.

They add great variety to eCommerce clothing stores, come in different fabrics, and can be printed, which makes them very popular with street clothing enthusiasts.


Black dad hat with bugs bunny a new trend to drop ship for bfcm

Source: Journeys


18. Sweaters

With the advance of winter, warm clothing sales naturally pick up on BFCM, and you can give your store another layer of revenue by riding that trend. There is a world of sweaters out there you can drop ship, from basics to holiday-themed, cashmere, and turtlenecks. Pick the ones that best fit your audience and complement your existing stock so you can make the best out of the cold season.


19. Cool Socks

Socks are a basic essential, and consumers are often restocking them as the weather changes. They are also a fashion item and have grown in popularity as the bespoke and hipster worlds have clashed to produce a range of cool, statement-heavy examples.

Printed socks make a great gift and are super easy to drop ship, so if you are in the clothes game, consider adding a few interesting styles. Good examples are Zanzetti’s that boast famous artworks and Silent Tree & Free Wind’s that make a statement or are a simply cute.


Row of 5 cool socks on mannequin feet in assorted colors

Source: AliExpress


20. Men’s Accessories

Men are growing exceedingly fashion conscious and are looking for accessories that make them stand out. These include bracelets, rings, and necklaces that resonate with their overall style.

Men are also becoming bolder in their fashion expressions and are on the lookout for deals on quality bracelets and the like around the holidays. Consider stocking some up for BFCM to target this rising segment.


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