Boost Your Black Friday Sales with These 10 Email Marketing Tips


Black Friday sales are usually held on the Friday that lies between Thanksgiving Thursday and the weekend. It has become infamous for jaw-dropping deals and sales.

Billions of dollars are spent online each Black Friday and those numbers rising every single year.

If you’re hoping to be a part of the Black Friday action online, here are 10 tips to improve your email marketing and help you increase your Black Friday sales.

1. Ask visitors to subscribe

Start early, and create a message to let customers know about your upcoming Black Friday sales.

Get your message out in all forms – email, on your website, social media and any other channel you can think of.

In your message, encourage your visitors to subscribe to your email list so they can receive updates and reminders about the promotion that will be taking place.

Give them a special incentive to sign up, such as an offer exclusive to subscribers or maybe you give them early access to the sale.

If you need more inspiration on how to get your visitors to sign up read these ways to optimize your conversions.

2. Black Friday sales can be held over multiple days

Many online businesses choose to start their Black Friday sales promotions ahead of the actual date.

The main reason for doing so is to try to get ahead of the game and have less competition to deal with on the actual day.

Email inboxes can get overloaded on Black Friday, but starting your sale a day or two earlier means you’ll have a more prominent presence in your recipient’s inboxes and you’ll be able to secure more sales before anyone else.

3. Be generous with your discounts

Discounts are what people are expecting on Black Friday – and big discounts, at that.

Take a look at sales from previous years to see what products and promotions saw the biggest level of interest.

Email marketing tools, such as Cake Mail, can help you create beautiful, optimized discount email messages. You can also display these discounts with popups on your website.

4. Spend time on the subject lines

As you head towards Black Friday, inboxes will start to fill up with all sorts of deals and promotions, all competing for the attention of the reader.

Most people won’t have enough time to read through everything, so they’ll pick and choose which emails they will open and give some time to.

Because of this, you’ve got to make your subject line as appealing and enticing as possible. If you need copywriting help for these effective subject lines, consider running your campaign past an expert copywriter.

5. Get your emails ready for mobile

So many emails are opened using a mobile phone that it’s imperative to create ones that open quickly and are easy to read on any mobile device.

If the emails you send are too hard to read on a small screen, they’ll be abandoned in an instant. Use an all-in-one marketing platform like Get Response to get your emails ready for mobile viewing.

6. Shorten your email load times

The longer your email takes to show up on a screen – whether it’s a mobile screen or a desktop – the higher chance you’ve got of losing your reader. It only takes a few seconds of waiting for a reader to give up on your email and move on to the next.

7. Test before sending

You aren’t going to see any success with your Black Friday email marketing if your messages aren’t getting through properly to the recipients.

Test everything out to ensure images are showing up and your emails aren’t landing in the junk mail or being targeted as spam.

Proofread any of the messages you send out because if you’re asking readers to open their wallets and buy something from you, they need to know you’re fully capable and knowledgeable.

You can use an editing resource like Grammarly to weed out any mistakes.

8. Keep to the point

Don’t try to cram too much information into your Black Friday sales message. Get to the point that readers want to hear – what’s on sale and what discount do they get.

9. Create urgency

Black Friday promotions are somewhat easier to set an urgent timeline for because they typically only last a few days and customers are already aware of this once-a-year sale.

You can offer different promotions each day of the Black Friday weekend or even offer a limited supply of products to boost the sense of urgency.

10. Recover your abandoned carts

By the time a customer gets to the final purchase stages online, some doubt can set in as to whether they actually want to go through with the purchase.

If you’ve got an automated cart recovery email set up, you can send a message to those who have abandoned their carts, offering an additional discount to come back and complete their purchase before the sale ends.

Most email services will allow you to create an abandoned cart email. Still lost? Check out our post on 5 abandoned cart emails that you can start using today.

Make the most of this deal-driven day (more like 4 days!) by maximizing the potential your email marketing brings and using these tips to see increased sales on Black Friday.

Author Bio

This post was written by Gloria Kopp. She is a content marketing strategist and a social media manager at UK Writings. She enjoys sharing her writing advice in her posts at Engadget, The Tab, and the Paper Fellows blog. Gloria also writes for the Studydemic blog, where she shares her tips and reviews for students and educators.

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