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Am I right in saying that you want to increase traffic to your website?

So does every business I talk to.

It not only helps increase your brand awareness but also your sales.

Unfortunately, most eCommerce store owners still struggle with how to come up with different ways to drive traffic.

You’ve probably tried social media marketing and Facebook ads, but it’s more than that.

The truth is there are plenty of ways of doing this.

In this video, I share 50 different ways to drive traffic to your online store.

  1. Use Pinterest with backlinks to your website
  2. Turn your blog posts into YouTube videos
  3. Answer questions on Facebook groups
  4. Post relevant content in Facebook groups
  5. Answer questions on Quora
  6. Send your product to an influencer
  7. Facebook Ads, of course, if you have the budget
  8. Create an educational ebook that ties into how to use your product or style it
  9. Direct sales – pick up the phone
  10. Create a SlideShare presentation
  11. Send more email
  12. Search Engine Optimization — this is actually done by creating relevant content on your blog
  13. Add a pop-up to capture email addresses and then retarget these people with appropriate products and seasonal offers
  14. Ask your customers to submit a review. This will help your SEO and in turn, drive traffic
  15. Share reviews and testimonials on your social pages
  16. Start guest blogging
  17.  Invite others to blog on your site, they will share it with their mailing list and you will get new visitors
  18. Join the HARO (help a reporter out) mailing list and respond to journalist requests to get you PR
  19. Add your blogs to
  20.  Add your articles to LinkedIn (if you are B2B)
  21. Interview thought leaders and get their opinions on a topic
  22. Build a community on Facebook or a Slack Channel. This is long term but can really work
  23. Have an in-person event or meet up to build awareness and help others
  24. Get involved in the conversation: Reply to comments both on your blog and on other YouTube channels
  25. Attend other meetups that aren’t your own but where your customers will be
  26. Attend relevant conferences
  27. Ask to be on a panel at an event
  28. If you are selling a physical product, list it on other marketplaces (eBay, Amazon etc)
  29. Post your services on places like Craigslist or Gumtree
  30. Create an affiliate program
  31. Create a referral program:  Get your current customers to refer other customers by incentivizing them
  32. Update old blog posts, refresh them
  33. Post content on Reddit
  34. Create free webinars
  35. Create a giveaway
  36. Build a better 404 page to direct traffic to other webpages rather than broken ones or ones that no longer have stock available
  37. Join a podcast – you don’t have to host it yourself but offer to be on others
  38. Reach out to press and send them your product
  39. Sponsor an event
  40. Invest in Adwords
  41. Direct message on Instagram. This is rarely used so you can get an even better open rate than your usual channels.
  42. Use SMS: This is not very common for businesses, and how often do you leave an SMS unread? Rarely ever.
  43. Offer a free trial and post it up on social
  44. Create an e-magazine or e-book and upload it to Issue, add hyperlinks within the document
  45. Try out Instagram TV (IGTV)
  46. Do more Instagram stories and add the ‘swipe up’ feature
  47. Share your new items on all social channels: Consumers won’t actively look on your site but if you tell them that you got a new drop of product, this will encourage them to go and look
  48. Create targeted landing pages which are more likely to grab the attention of a viewer. I recommend LeadPages
  49. Always add a CTA to your videos and social posts. I see it all the time where you don’t ask viewers to take action, therefore they leave

Give at least three of these a try and see the difference if it makes any difference and you increase traffic to your website.

Don’t expect results overnight. You need to be consistent and persistent.

With whatever strategy you apply, always think about the value you are adding to your customers.  Ask: “How does this help them?”

Good luck!

And, if there is a way to increase traffic to your website that I missed, please let me know in the comments below.

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